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Treatment and prevention of injuries to horses

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Equi-Aid Spa
Equi-Aid starts production of the 1st new era" Hydrotherapy spa"Equi-Aid begins the moulding process of their equine spa at the Port Elizabeth factory when they open on the 15 January 2012. The design and engineering work has been approved and signed off, so are now moving into the final stage before the expected launch on 01 March 2012.

Hydrotherapy equine course available
Equi-Aid offer instruction on the use of all equipment.

The Equi-Aid spa is a self contained unit, designed using the latest 3D CAD engineering software. 

It is constructed in modular form from a combination of GRP (Glass Reinforced Polymer), laser profiled & CNC bent 316 marine grade stainless steel and high performance engineering polymers.  It is made in 4 parts which facilitates easy transport and positioning.
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Whether you own a racing or polo yard, livery stables, riding school or a veterinary clinic, an equine hydrotherapy spa can become a valuable additional income stream to your operation.

Make this unique facility available to your clients, or build your own equine therapy center around our spa and other additional equipment we offer.
As a testament to our quality and service we have been approved as a supplier by" The Rental Company" who will provide lease finance for our equipment to our clients.

No deposit- No residual -over 60 months. It is important to note that this lease finance is fully tax deductable.
A finance option will be included when quoting on our equipment.

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